Golf Wedge Innovations Lower Scores

Learn the Latest Golf Wedge Innovations to Save You Strokes

As an experienced golfer, you’re always looking to shave those extra strokes. Golf club manufacturers have several new golf wedge innovations to help you do just that with stronger wedge play. Whether it’s increasing control and cutting through moisture, maximizing spin, or giving you more options in lofts and grinds, here’s some golf wedge innovations that you may have overlooked.

Flop It Like Phil

Callaway's golf wedge innovations include the U-Grind, which increases playability from all lies by adjusting the dynamic bounce angle.

The U-Grind creates a concave area in the middle of the sole to increase dynamic bounce.

Callaway has worked with Phil Mickelson to design the U-Grind sole on their Mack Daddy wedges. This places a concave area in the middle of the wedge’s sole to tighten up the radius of the leading edge when you open the club face, giving you better performance on tight lies. That also increases the dynamic bounce angle of the wedge, which is the actual bounce of the club when it strikes the golf ball. When you’re playing a wedge shot off of tighter lies, you need a wedge that’s going to cut through where you need it to with the leading edge. That’s when you need a Mack Daddy wedge with its innovative U-Grind, available from TGW in your choice of Chrome Finish or Slate Finish. Also check out the Mack Daddy PM Grind Wedge for the ultimate in hitting out of tight lies. The grooves extend all the way to the top and toe of the club face for a larger hitting area when you really need to open up the club around the green.

Best wedge ever put in the bag

I got the 60 degree with the U grind and the feel that this club has cutting through any surface if outstanding. I have 100% confidence in any shot I am trying to attempt around the greens. I strongly suggest this wedge to all players of any skill level you won’t be disappointed.

DaddyPhatSax, Thousand Oaks, CA

Callaways' golf wedge innovations include a high-toed design with grooves extending to the top and toe of the club for maximum hitting area and consistency.

The PM Grind features a high toe shape and fully-extended grooves to increase the hitting area on delicate shots where golfers need to open the club face.

More Loft and Grind Options than Any Other Wedge

TGW is also your home for Titleist Vokey wedges. Vokey wedges provide the most options to fit your wedges to your game. The Titleist Vokey SM5 wedges come in 9 different lofts and 6 different sole grinds. Those options maximize your choice of wedges so you can confidently and consistently hit every wedge shot on the golf course knowing you have the exact right golf club to do it with. Spin milled technology delivers precisely milled TX3 grooves for better trajectory and distance control while channeling away grass and sand for improved, consistent contact. In addition to all those loft and sole grind choices, you can get your Titleist Vokey SM5 wedges from TGW in three finishes: Tour Chrome, Raw Black, and Gold Nickel.

Amazing Wedges

My short game is where I make up for my average distance off the tee. These wedges are great. On full shots I feel that I have complete control over flight and shot shape. Extremely accurate and provide plenty of feedback on each shot.

Jasonpieters, 7-12 Handicap

Long Lasting Spin With Electroformed Grooves

TaylorMade has introduced it’s latest wedge innovation in the form of electroformed nickel cobalt grooves in their Tour Preferred EF Wedges. This construction delivers long lasting spin thanks to the wear resistant properties of nickel cobalt. The electroforming process guarantees accurate grooves in the club face. These wedges feel great because they’re made with a soft 1025 carbon steel body. TaylorMade even reduced the glare by using a dark smoke PVD finish on the Tour Preferred EF wedges.

TayorMade contributes to the latest golf wedge innovations with electroformed nickel cobalt grooves for accurate milling and long lasting spin.

A close-up of the electroformed nickel cobalt grooves shows the accuracy and durability of the process.

NIKE’s 3 New Scoring Options

The latest wedges from NIKE come in three models: Square Sole, Toe Sweep and Dual Sole. Each model features Modern Muscle geometry that promotes consistent turf interaction with a central CG, grittier Tour Garnet Blast face that’s 400% rougher for more spin and X3X grooves that are milled aggressively for maximum USGA-allowed spin. The Square Sole wedge gives you more spin and control on squared-up wedge shots. The Toe Sweep model features a wider toe and narrower heel that allows the club to be laid open and stay open, even in the deepest grass. This wedge design has been used by Rory McIlroy and Michelle Wie in tour victories. The Dual Sole grind features two distinct sole surfaces to provide you a variety of options from any lie with a higher lofted wedge. This round of golf wedge innovations can keep you hitting consistent, great-spinning wedge shots out of any lie with a sole that fits your swing.

Experienced golfers like you understand that there’s no better way to achieve a lower score that than knocking it close to the pin with your wedges to give yourself an easy putt. In order to achieve that, you have to have complete control of your golf club and know you’re going to get consistent performance in terms of spin and trajectory. This makes choosing the right wedges to fit your game incredibly important. To get an in-depth look at selecting the proper wedges, check out our Wedges Buying Guide.