Golf Shoes Buying Guide

Finding the right golf shoe is crucial to your game. Your swing varies based on your stance and your stance is influenced by your shoes. Also, golfers are on their feet for hours and miles at a time during a round of golf, so golf shoe comfort is paramount to being able to go the distance. SpikedShop Spiked Shoes Based on these factors, there are several important things to consider when choosing golf shoes. First, do you prefer golf shoe outsoles with golf cleats or spikeless styles? Next, do you prefer a casual style that can also be worn off the golf course or a more traditional style of golf shoe? Finally, do you prefer a shoe that is leather or synthetic and/or that is waterproof?

Today’s modern golf shoe styles come in a variety of outsoles, but the most important thing to consider is whether you want traditional outsoles with strong cleats or casual spikeless outsoles. Golf purists may want to rely on classic golf shoe spikes for absolute traction on the golf course. However, golfers who are looking for more versatility in a golf shoe may prefer spikeless outsoles that will provide traction on the course, but also comfort off the golf course while running errands, working and other everyday activities. Replacement SpikesShop Replacement Spikes If you’re a golfer who prefers a spiked outsole, you will eventually need to replace your golf shoe’s spikes to maintain optimum grip. Over time, golf shoe spikes become clogged with dirt and debris or become dull. There are a variety of replacement spike brands TGW carries to fit your needs, including Champ, Softspikes, Pride and more. Your golf shoes should indicate the type of spikes you require, or you may need to reference a Replaceable Spikes chart to find a match.

Once you’ve considered the outsole, you’ll want to think of the style you prefer. Casual styles may appeal to golfers used to wearing their golf shoes off the course, while classic styles appeal to more traditional golfers. There are also trendier golf shoes for fashion-forward golfers and golf sandals for warmer weather. From the very casual to very traditional… TGW has what you need. SpikelessShop Spikeless Golf Shoes Finally, type of material is extremely important to your comfort on the course. For example, leather is extremely durable and supple, but many modern synthetic materials are also durable and offer breathable comfort. Many golf shoes are also waterproof for wet or moist areas of the course and also provide additional protection in rainy weather.

TGW offers all the major golf shoe brands with thousands of styles to choose from. With fast shipping, the best prices and great customer service, all you need to do is find the shoes you love and watch your game get even better.