In addition to offering a wide variety of shoes, apparel and accessories, we strive to provide you with the best service in the industry. We feel it is our duty to not only provide you with great service, but we would also like to provide a reference guide for you to learn more about us and our industry. We are giving you the inside scoop to our company glossary so you can learn about the technology behind your gear. We hope this guide is useful to you and will make you feel more confident about the features that our products provide. Enjoy!

Air-Flow (IZOD) High performance fabric resists water and wind while allowingfor breathability. Air-flow fabric is noise resistant.

AllSeasonGear (Under Armour) Made from radical fabrics that flex with changing weather conditions. Engineered with UA’s Moisture Transport System for core temperature regulation and maximum breathability.

Baselayer Benefits include a moisture transport system that wicks sweat away from the skin to help improve performance. Designed to be worn close to the skin to enhance your comfort. Anti-bacterial fabric keeps you fresh while exercising. Lightweight material is flexible with a quick drying time.

Breath Thermo® A unique type of insulation fabric that generates heat from the absorption of moisture. Heat is generated via a chemical exchange between perspiration and the properties of the Breath Thermo® fabric. This is especially useful for the protection of the muscle groups and protecting the human body from cold temperatures.

Body Mapping Body mapping technology uses strategically placed ventilation zones to increase breathability and improve airflow across the body.

C-Tech (Callaway) A long stable cotton infused with a high tech polyester yarn to wick moisture from the inside to the surface for a natural quick dry effect.

Carbon Tech (Tehama) Technology utilizes activated carbon providing exceptional evaporative cooling, odor resistance and added UV protection to keep you more comfortable in any environment.

CB DryTec (Cutter & Buck) For unbeatable moisture control wear DryTec to wick moisture away from your skin, keeping you cool and comfortable. Perfect for sports, you stay dry and your concentration stays on the ball.

Charged Cotton (Under Armour) An amazing update on your go-to cotton clothing by literally fusing it with UA innovation – alternating hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibers to make the world’s first true performance cotton. Game-changing cotton dries 5 times faster than ordinary cotton.

Chevron Body Mapping (Callaway) Uniquely designed air flow ventilation system. This high tech advancement will aid in releasing body heat and keep you cool and dry.

Clima365 (adidas) Clima365 uses the body mapping principle to integrate an arsenal of Clima365 apparel technologies (ClimaCool, ClimaWarm and ClimaProof) into a single product and places them exactly where they need to be to keep you dry, comfortable and performing at your optimal body temperature 365 days a year no matter what the forecast says.

ClimaCool (adidas) Made from 100% Coolmax Extreme fabric. Designed to reduce skin temperature, improve airflow, dry fast and provide UV protection.

ClimaCompression (adidas) Can be worn alone or used as a base layer to increase body warmth. Provides support resulting in improved muscle endurance.

ClimaFit (adidas) Water-resistant microfiber polyester is windproof yet extremely breathable. You get freedom of movement and protection from the elements provided in this lightweight, supple fabric that keeps out the rain and wind while allowing excess body heat and perspiration to escape.

ClimaLite (adidas) Highly breathable fabrication wicks moisture away from the skin for quick evaporation.

ClimaLite Warm (adidas) Heavier weight and brushed fabrications for layering on cooler days. 100% CoolMax Active fabric.

ClimaProof (adidas) Breathable weather protection that optimizes body temperature and keeps you at peak performance in even the harshest of wind, rain and storm conditions by acting as a barrier to the elements while allowing heat and sweat to escape through evaporation.

ClimaProof Rain (adidas) Combines a durable, soft PU coating and Teflon finish for a protective layer that repels water while allowing body vapor to escape, keeping you dry and comfortable.

ClimaProof Storm (adidas) Engineered to keep you dry and comfortable in the face of the worst a storm can dish out – wind, water, and even snow – without sacrificing breathability, durability, softness and quiet. Every seam is sealed and surfaces are brushed for quiet and softness.

ClimaProof Rain (adidas) Combines a durable, soft PU coating and Teflon finish for a protective layer that repels water while allowing body vapor to escape, keeping you dry and comfortable.

ClimaProof Wind (adidas) Protects you from the wind with a shield of tightly woven polyester microfiber filaments that is naturally lightweight, breathable, and resistant to water and wind. Coated with an exterior Teflon finish that enhances water repellency without sacrificing breathability.

ClimaShell Rain (adidas) Waterproof and breathable. A durable, soft PU coating and Teflon finish allow body vapor to escape, while repelling wind and water. Critical seams are sealed for added water protection. Extremely lightweight and easily packable.

ClimaShell Storm (adidas) Highly breathable outerwear for the heaviest wind, rain and snow. Sealed seams throughout the entire garment provide durable protection. A soft, brushed finish keeps it quiet on the course.

ClimaShell Wind (adidas) Quiet, lightweight, breathable wind protection. The tightly woven polyester micro fiber filaments and Teflon finish repel water and quiet wind gusts, without sacrificing breathability.

Cocona (Tehama) Fabric uses a natural technology derived from coconut shells. Utilizing activated carbon made from coconut shells, this technology provides exceptional evaporative cooling, odor resistance and added UV protection to keep you more comfortable in any environment.

ColdGear (Under Armour) Features a double-sided fabric that wicks moisture from the skin and circulates body heat to regulate your core temperature. It keeps you dry and warm without weighing you down

CoolBest (Nivo) The quick drying and cooling function of this material absorbs heat slowly and dissipates heat rapidly away from your skin for maximum comfort. CoolBest helps your body stay cooler.

CoolFX (IZOD) High performance polyester yarns wick away moisture to keep you dry and cool. Breathable fabric has anti-microbial technology to combat odor.

Coolmax® (adidas) Fabrics are specially designed to provide not only superior moisture management, but also to enhance the wearer’s comfort. The specially-engineered fibers using Coolmax® fabrics provide enhanced breathability. Moisture management + breathability equals total comfort.

Desert Dry (Antigua) Technology is high-tech functional performance fabric developed exclusively by Antigua to: wick away moisture, dry quicker than all other fabrics, reduce body temperature during activity, incorporate an air flow system to breathe, feel more comfortable longer and minimize body and fabric cling.

Desert Dry Xtra-Lite (Antigua) Technology is a combination of Antigua’s exclusive Desert Dry moisture wicking fabric. It is specially constructed with ultra-light fabric that provides maximum wicking for quicker dry, reduces body temperature during activity, and minimizes body and fabric cling.

D.F. CUT (Mizuno) Anatomical Patterning provides a garment that works with the dynamics of the body during your game, providing maximum freedom of movement during play.

Dri-FIT (NIKE) This high-performance microfiber polyester fabric actually pulls sweat away from the body and transports it to the fabric surface – where it evaporates and leaves the skin cool and dry. It’s all you need for hot days, and a critical base layer for cold days. Stay dry. Stay comfortable. No matter what.

DRY (Callaway) Technology draws moisture to the outer surface of the fabric and causes it to spread out and dry more quickly. UPF 15+ rating. Anti-microbial treatments keep the garment fresh and help maintain durability.

DRYSCIENCE (Mizuno) Technology allows for rapid moisture evaporation during warm weather wear.

Dual Motion Cuffs (Zero Restriction) Dual Motion Cuffs telescope to allow full freedom at wrists for an unrestricted golf swing.

Dynamic Plus Improves performance by allowing the garment to move with you, reducing stress and friction.

DWR Finish Durable water repellent (DWR) finish on the outer face of the fabric causes water and oil based liquids to bead up and roll off the fabric instead of being absorbed.

Earth Tech Recycled polyester with cotton hybrid performance knit fabric uses material from plastic bottles to help conserve resources and reduce environmental damage.

Epic Fabric Revolution in rain and wind proof protection. Designed to be three times more breathable than regular rain wear plus retains body heat. Eco safe fabric is anti-bacterial and has UV protection. Quick drying material is lightweight and packable.

EZ-TECH (Ashworth) Combines the attributes of 100% cotton (comfort and breathability) with Performance Technology (lightweight and ease of care) in today’s sports fabrics. Innovative fabric is shrink resistant, resists color fading and pilling, and has a soft finish.

FlexFit Technology allows the fabric to stretch comfortably for the perfect fit.

FlexVent Fabric is constructed to be very breathable and very waterproof. Unique fabric has a soft hand and superior quiet laminate. Engineered full stretch fabric is windproof as well as ultra lightweight. FlexVent fabric has a 4 year waterproof guarantee.

FORMOTION (adidas) Innovative new cuts and three dimensional engineering create sculpted garments that optimize fit and comfort, and boost freedom of movement for active athletes. Designed to promote a smoother, more fluid motion without restriction or irritation.

FT Performance (Callaway) Future Trends: Performance/Luxury Technology is an unique blend of Tencel with Microfiber Polyester, utilizing a luxury twist and is the catalyst for the next generation of Callaway Collection. FT Performance benefits include moisture wicking, anti-microbial and wrinkle free fabric.

Function 3 Dynamics Weather shielding is breathable, water-repellent and windproof. A three-part system combining fabric, finish and coating for peak performance.

G-Advantage Apparel is Teflon® coated to repel stains. Fabric is wrinkle resistant and pre-washed for easy care.

GCOOL Windproof and rain resistant technology keeps athletes warm and dry. InFiber ™ weatherproof technology won’t crack, peel or wash out of the fabric.

G-Flex Fabric with spandex added for ease of movement. Pre-washed and easy care apparel has a soft hand. SPF 40 protection.

G-Fresh with antibacterial properties has technically advanced yarns that draw moisture away from the body. Keeps you cool and dry. Breathable fabric is pre-washed with SPF40 protection.

GORE-TEX® Fabric is specifically engineered to form an impenetrable barrier against wind and water while maintaining breathability.

GORE-TEX® Paclite Lightweight and packable apparel. Enhanced breathability and durable waterproof fabric – even after extended use. Windproof for warmth and protection from the elements.

G-Protect Fabric is waterproof, wind resistant and breathable. Fabric stretches for ease of movement. Soft and quiet fabric is Teflon coated to resist stains.

Green Technology (Tehama) In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, Tehama has created a green line of clothing that is environmentally conscious. Tehama Green garments are made of fabrics containing organic cotton, bamboo, coconut, recycled polyester or vitamin C.

Hang’em Dry (Tehama) Moisture management system has technologically advanced yarns and lightweight construction to keep you cool and dry.

HeatGear (Under Armour) Pulls perspiration off your skin, leaving the moisture on the outside of the fabric where it runs off or evaporates. The result? You’re left cool, dry, and lighter than the competition.

Hydrology (Asics) The science of dealing with the properties, distribution and circulation of water is applied as the management and evaporation of sweat. Quick distribution of moisture away from the skin to the surface of the fabric for quick evaporation keeps the body comfortable, dry and able to regulate body temperature. UV protection between 15 and 40 UPF keeps you protection all day long.

ImpermaLite (Mizuno) With 10,000mm of waterproofing, Mizuno’s engineers have created the highest level of lightweight performance fabric. The combination of a microweave shell and lightweight, waterproof and breathable laminate provides the wearer unsurpassed lightweight performance and comfort.

It’s A Cinch System (Mizuno) Access through the pockets and easily adjust the fullness or your jacket by pulling the cinch chords.

Jo-Dry (Jofit) Absorption technology will move moisture from your skin to the fabric surface where the evaporation takes place quickly, which keeps you dry.

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Minerale Fabric uses natural technology to improve the performance of fabric by providing exceptional evaporative cooling, odor resistance and UV protection. This natural technology is inside the fibers so it will not wash off or wear out. This fabric wicks and evaporates moisture quickly and is refreshed with normal washing and drying.

MzO (Mizuno) Transports perspiration vapor away from the body, cooling down body temperature. MzO is comfortable, breathable, easy to care for and durable.

NANO Fabric offers natural softness for maximum comfort. It’s also spill resistant, stain resitant, wrinkle resistant, and highly durable.

NANOtex Fabric provides amazing spill resistance. Look great and stay comfortable all day long. Durable fabric is comfortable to wear.

Nano Care Fabrics resist wrinkling and repel spills causing water and other liquids to bead up and roll off of fabrics, providing a superior first line of defense against stains.

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Perfect Fit Apparel has an adjustable waistband. Moisture wicking fabric.

Performance Fit Pants and shorts have a comfortable waistband. Constructed of stretch fabric with moisture wicking properties to keep you dry.

PlayDry (Greg Norman) A moisture management system that helps keep you cooler, drier and more comfortable. This technology incorporates an advanced micro carrier system that not only wicks moisture away from the skin, but also transports it to the outer layer so it can be evaporated into the air.

ProDry (FootJoy) stretch fabric wicks away moisture and provides excellent UV sun protection while being extremely comfortable during the golf swing.

proDRI Pro-grade fabric known for its hydrophobic, wicking and moisture management attributes. proDRI socks retain warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer.

Pro-Tech Rainwear with ProTech three-layer water resistant system has moisture wicking base layers to keep golfers dry and comfortable. Waterproof, windproof and breathable. Soft fabric finish for additional comfort and less rustle.

Pure (HeiQ) An outstanding antimicrobial textile effect that makes it possible to keep garments naturally odor free for the life of the garment.

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Rain Play System (Zero Restriction) ZR outerwear provides comfort in all conditions. The GORE-TEX “Guaranteed to Keep you Dry” promise allows you to keep your eye on the ball and not on the weather.

RainFlex Garments are produced through a knitting process, allowing stretch where it is needed in a golf garment. Teflon-coated shells combine with soft drop liners for quiet, breathable waterproof performance.

S-Café Recycled coffee grounds are transformed by a patented process into special fibers, which are called S-Cafe fabric. Fast drying, odor control and UV protection are included in this environmentally friendly fabric. So drink it, wear it! Innovative fabric is easy care for exceptional performance.

Scotchguard Performance fabric wicks away moisture and helps most stains come out in the wash. Fabric remains soft and breathable.

Sensor Cool Dynamics Sensor Cool™ fabric technology absorbs, stores and releases body heat. Over heating and sweating are reduced to provide you greater comfort.

Skin 360° High-tech performance enhancing technology is engineered to keep you cool and dry. Cooling vents keep you as cool as you look while an anti-microbial finish shields you from odor causing bacteria. Moisture wicking fabric lifts moisture from your skin. UV protection guards you from harmful UV rays.

Smart Silver Certified Antimicrobial Performance keeps clothing and shoes fresh and odor-free for as long as you wear them.

SmartWool When used for footwear, SmartWool® linings effectively act as a climate control, wicking moisture and keeping feet warm, dry and odor free.

Sphere Dry (NIKE) Fabric draws sweat from your skin to the garment’s surface for fast drying, and the fabric’s three-dimensional construction creates air space around you to reduce cling.

Sphere Macro React (NIKE) Stay cool as you sweat with Sphere Macro React. Laser cut vents open when you sweat and close when dry. More air reaches the skin, to help you stay cool and comfortable.

Sphere Thermal The garment creates more air space between itself and the skin. Once the body heats that air, it serves as great thermal insulation, allowing the body to focus energy on working out vs. keeping warm.

Spot Lifter finish is a soft, comfortable fabric that is treated with DuPont SR. Allows stains to be removed more easily during washing than normally finished fabrics.

Storm-FIT (NIKE) Fabric keeps you comfortable, dry and helps provide excellent waterproof protection. The fully seam-sealed, breathable garment completely blocks wind and rain penetration at 10,0000mm of water pressure.

StormCore Waterproof and windproof fabric is lightweight peached microfiber. Outershell has a 100% waterproof hydrophilic film treatment that allows for superior rain protection and maximum breathability.

Stormtight Stormtight fabric is Teflon® coated brushed microfiber. Waterproof liners are breathable and offer softness and a quiet hand.

Swingflex High performance fabric that is specially designed and engineered to stretch through a full golf swing.

TechFit Provides all the cooling effects of ClimaCool while also giving the athlete more explosive power and stamina by using compression fabrics and TPU (Thermoplastic Urethane) compression bands to support and enhance the movement and efficiency of sport-specific muscle groups.

Therma-FIT (NIKE) Double-brushed microfiber fleece retains energy and resists heat loss. It provides maximum insulation from cold and wind with minimal weight and bulk, and is ideal for any cold weather activities that require insulation.

ThermalFlex Soft polyester shell with spandex for superior comfort and quiet. Four-way stretch fabric allows for greater mobility through the swing. Breathable fabric adds warmth.

Thermal Plus (Mizuno) Maintains body heat, resulting in comfortable conditions in cold temperatures.

TourDry (EP Pro) Tour-Dry performance fabrics are designed to help keep you comfortable and dry. This fabric has a unique fiber construction which transports moisture away from the skin to the surface of the fabric for rapid evaporation. Tour tested for optimum performance.

Ultra Fresh Finish The unique knit construction allows for high breathability while the fabric treatment resists the growth of odor causing bacteria. As a result, shirts stay cleaner, fresher, and more comfortable during warm days on the golf course.

Under Armour Green (Under Armour) Recycled bottles become performance fabric that wicks moisture, regulates body temperature and feels light and comfortable.

USP Technology (PUMA) Ultimate Sports Performance gear helps you manage perspiration. It’s not always nice outside. You get wet, cold and hot. USP Technology wicks away moisture from your skin to keep you dry and comfortable.

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WarmSport X-SERIES WarmSport technology is thermal insulating. Breathable fabric is flexible and quick drying. Comfort performance to keep you warm.

WarmaLite Thermal Fabric is a hollow fiber yarn that recycles escaping body heat, creating an insulating warm layer between your body and the garment.

Weather Systems Base Tech (Ashworth) High tech apparel designed to give you maximum comfort benefit during climatic change. This breathable, moisture management base layer enhances your outdoor experience by keeping your skin dry.

Weather Systems Outer Tech (Ashworth) High tech apparel designed to give you maximum comfort benefit during climatic change. This complete body protection layer enhances your outdoor experience by protecting inner layers.

Weather Sys. Thermal Tech (Ashworth) High tech apparel designed to give you maximum comfort benefit during climatic change. This body heat management layer enhances your outdoor experience by keeping your skin warm.

WeatherTec (Cutter & Buck) Performance wear offers lightweight, water-resistant, wind-resistant and breathable properties all so you can enjoy absolute comfort and protection.

WhisperDry All-stretch fabric is waterproof with seam-sealed construction. Designed for lightweight comfort, exceptional breathability and totally windproof for the most playable rain gear you will ever wear.

WhisperSoft Technology blended with GORE-TEX material makes for comfortable, weather resistant outerwear. Seam sealed while remaining breathable.

WindSport Performance sportswear is wind and water resistant. Lightweight fabric dries quickly for maximum comfort.

WindTec (Cutter & Buck) Refuge from the wind with a lightweight collection from Cutter & Buck that offers just the right amount of protection to keep you comfortable and on the move.

Windlite A flexible dropliner offers superior windproofing and breathability. The combination of a flexible and breathable inner windproof membrane and knit outer shell provides 100% wind protection and comfort.

Gore’s Windstopper Membrane is completely windproof yet highly breathable due to the membrane’s unique pore structure. Windstopper protects your body’s warmth from the chilling effects of wind and weather.

Wx Tech A new and exclusive patented finish that is applied to outerwear shells. The Wx Tech unique formula allows air to flow freely through the fibers maintaining maximum breathability plus repel water. Water beads off the surface of the fabric to enhance the performance of the garment.

X-Static Features silver filament fibers weaved into the lining to help dissipate electrostatic charges and allow the garment to move more freely and not stick to your body or another layer. Also enhances the natural movement of moisture through the garment accelerating evaporation. The anti-microbial characteristics of silver prevent the growth of bacteria and therefore eliminate potential odor. X-Static is 100% safe and non-toxic.

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Zone:fx (IZOD) Engineering with cooling vent technology and moisture wicking fabric to keep you cool and dry. Mesh panels provide greater breathability. Anti-bacterial finish and UV protection.

ZR Regulator (Zero Restriction) “TRANSFER and CAPTURE”™ two-layer technology – ZR Regulator is worn next to the skin to regulate body temperature. ZR Regulator provides comfort in a remarkable range of playing conditions. Warm yet breathable fabric will protect you even in the chilliest conditions.