Marriott Golf Academy Lessons

Presented by Golfweek Magazine

How would you like a series of 24 golf lessons that you can watch and re-watch over and over? Every golfer would love that! Right here on TGW’s Golf Guide, we are proud to share a series of 24 lessons from the Marriott Golf Academy presented by Golfweek Magazine. Go through the playlist at your pace and revisit the videos any time you need. You’ll learn drills, tips and tricks to have you shooting lower scores in no time.

This series includes the following lessons:

  • Impact vs. address
  • Use of hands in the downswing
  • Working the golf ball
  • Hitting low wedge shots
  • Getting rid of slice
  • The “Eyes-Closed” Drill
  • Options off the green
  • Incorporating rhythm
  • Uphill putts vs. downhill putts
  • The “Wrist-Ball” Drill
  • The Free Arm Swing Drill
  • Clearing the right hip
  • Ball position
  • Proper club selection for chip shots
  • Judging greens
  • Increasing driver distance
  • Reading greens
  • The Knockdown Shot
  • Fixing bad arms
  • Chip tips
  • Distance control in putting
  • The Feel At Impact Drill
  • Wrist movement in the chipping stroke