PING Glide Wedges-Control Like A Pro

Do You Control Trajectory Like The World’s Best Players? You Can With PING Glide Wedges.

The new Glide wedges from PING have arrived. These wedges are made to ensure your short game performance and trajectory control on wedge shots all over the golf course. These wedges are designed to work as a unit, from the Dyla-wedge grip down through the CFS wedge shaft and head design. This combination works together to be the most versatile and consistent wedges that PING has ever offered.

Golf wedge innovation starts at the hands with the PING Glide Wedges.

The grip-down markers and extra length to the PING Glide wedges grip helps make the club easier to control.

PING says their new Glide wedges have been engineered from grip to sole. This approach starts with the new Dyla-wedge grip. The grip is ¾” longer to make it easier to grip down on the club to help control trajectory. This grip also includes grip down indicators at 1 and 3/8” intervals to add to that control and versatility. There’s also a new CFS Steel shaft that decreases the overall weight of the club. The club is also constructed of 431 steel which softens the feel. Down at the bottom of the club, one of the biggest changes is a hydrophobic chrome plating finish that dramatically improves performance in wet conditions. This finish repels water, moving moisture away from the club face at impact to help the wedge glide through the stroke in any condition. You also get new grooves that differ in the lower lofts than from the higher lofts. Wedges with lofts of 47°, 50°, 52° and 54° have 16-degree sidewalls with deeper grooves to give you ideal performance on full shots. The wedges lofted at 56°, 58° and 60° have shallower and wider grooves with 24-degree sidewalls to maximize spin on shorter shots where you open the club face.

PING Glide Wedges have loft-optimized gorge grooves so every loft gives you the ideal spin for the shot you need.

Gorge Grooves are loft-optimized in the PING Glide Wedges for perfect performance at every angle.

In addition to the new innovations included in the Glide wedges, PING has also continued what they call Fit For Width. The Fit For Width system offers three sole options: Thin Sole (TS), Standard Sole (SS) and Wide Sole (WS). Determining which width is right for you depends on a combination of factors. A golfer needs to consider the speed and angle at which they deliver the head of the golf club to the ball as well as the typical conditions of the turf and sand they play on. The SS width is just that, standard. It fits for most golfers in most conditions, those who take moderate attack angles and leave moderate divots. Golfers who play mostly on firm ground with shallower attack angles and divots should opt for the TS models. Those with steeper attack angles and deeper divots, combined with softer course conditions, should utilize a WS wedge. By taking your bounce width into account with bounce angle, PING lists a “plays like” number. This playable bounce helps golfers select the proper sole width to optimize turf interaction, forgiveness and playability.

An in depth look at the PING Glide wedges shows that these golf clubs are loaded with innovation to help your short game be the best it’s ever been. By working together as a system, these wedges give you greater control on distance and trajectory while providing incredible feel. Add in PING’s Fit For Width system and you can complete your golf bag with a truly custom set of wedges. PING Glide wedges are available today at