#PINGInsight Into Glide Wedges

Swing Into Some #PINGInsight

Marty Jertson, director of product development at PING, recently joined us at TGW to take an in-depth look at PING’s Glide wedges. By answering a few questions, Marty delivered some of the thinking that went on behind the scenes in the development of these wedges and provided what we call #PINGInsight.

What benefits will I notice when my sole width is fit to my swing?

Pros control trajectory by gripping down and Glide wedges make that easier. Why should amateur golfers do this?

How are the gorge grooves optimized by loft? Can you give a playing example of how that pays off?


What guidance can you provide for golfers as they choose their PING Glide wedges to fill out their golf bag?


With a wealth of #PINGInsight straight from the source, you’re ready to step up your short game with PING Glide Wedges available now at TGW.