Tiger Returns With Bridgestone Golf Balls

Woods To Tee Up The Bridgestone Tour B330s Golf Ball

Tiger Woods hasn’t played on the PGA Tour in 16 months while recovering from a back injury. Regardless, no one moves the needle in the world of golf like Woods, who makes his long-awaited return this weekend at his tournament, the Hero World Challenge.

Of course, everyone is anxious to see how Woods will play, but they’re also anxious to see what he’ll be playing now that his long-time sponsor NIKE is leaving the golf club and golf ball market.

In what some might have found as a surprise, it has been revealed through multiple sources that Woods will compete this weekend using a Bridgestone Tour B330S golf ball, which is unquestionably a major coup for Bridgestone.

The B330S is one of two “Tour” balls that the company produces, along with the Tour B330.

In terms of the differences between the two balls, the B330S that Woods will be playing offers a slightly softer SlipRes cover that promotes maximum greenside spin from all lie conditions.

Bridgestone Tour B330s golf ball

This graphic shows the specs of the Bridgestone Tour B330s golf ball and how it works for higher swing speeds

That said, its redesigned larger core was developed to produce unmatched energy transfer for faster ball speeds and less spin off the driver than any ball that Bridgestone has ever created, which is the ultimate combination for distance.

And finally, its dimple design and seamless cover promote consistent ball flight and distance, as well as enhanced stability in windy conditions, which Woods can expect to see this weekend in the Bahamas.

Naturally, there will be many who want to play the ball that Tiger plays, but Bridgestone advises that only golfers who can achieve swing speeds of 105 MPH or higher with the driver will get the optimal performance benefits of the B330S.

If you fit into that category, however, you can buy two dozen B330S golf balls and get a third dozen for free from TGW.

Does it get any better than that?